Embassy of Canada in London

The Canadian Embassy in London is the country's diplomatic representation to the United Kingdom. All teams deal with a variety of administrative issues regarding Canadians living in Canada or English wishing to travel to Canada.

Why call the Canadian Embassy in London?

You can contact the Embassy of Canada in London for questions and direct you to the various existing services such as the visa and immigration section, the emergency service, the commercial service or the tourism service.

For example, when you are English, you can apply for a Visa to travel or live in Canada. Similarly, it is possible to obtain the AVE (Electronic Travel Authorization) for English people wishing to travel to Canada. For this, it is necessary to fill a number of documents online to simplify your administrative procedures and obtain the various authorizations as quickly as possible. Students wishing to enroll in a Canadian school must also visit the Embassy. In the case of commercial transactions between the United Kingdom and Canada, it is necessary to use our services for all administrative matters. The Embassy also informs you of some useful tourist points for future travelers.

The Embassy offers a number of services for Canadians residing in the United Kingdom, or just traveling. In case of loss or theft of your documents, it is essential to contact or go to the Canadian Embassy as soon as possible, in order to return to Canada. An emergency service is at your disposal. For Canadians wishing to live in the United Kingdom, the Embassy is equipped with various administrative procedures to assist you in your move and your social and professional integration.

The Canadian Embassy in London is committed to maintaining the various bilateral relations between Canada and the United Kingdom: commercial relations, scientific relations, academic relations and defense relations. Employees are representatives of Canada and work in the UK on a variety of political, social, and cultural events. They also maintain a media service.

Contact the Canadian Embassy in London

Vous pouvez vous rendre à l’Ambassade du Canada à London au Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5BJ. Les équipes se feront un plaisir de vous accueillir du lundi au vendredi de 9h à 17h.

You can call 0207 004 6000.

It is possible to follow the Embassy on our social network Twitter @CanadianUK.

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