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SOn our website, you can now apply for eTA or Visa Canada to travel to Canada. Fill out our online form for an authorization obtained as soon as possible.

What is the eTA?

The eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an automated system that allows Canadian authorities to determine the eligibility of visitors prior to their arrival in Canada and to verify if their travel involves a security risk.

An eTA does not guarantee entry to Canada. It allows any foreign citizen to go to a Canadian port of entry where an immigration officer will allow admission to Canada or not.

Your AVE approved for Canada last five years from the date of issue or until the expiration date of your passport, whichever comes first.

The eTA is a required travel authorization for travelers visiting Canada for tourist, commercial or transit purposes.

What to know before applying

Our services

We provide a number of services and submission of premium processing for consumers and businesses who need to travel visas and electronic approvals in Canada (eTA). Our experts review each application to ensure that there are no errors or omissions that may result in rejection or delay by the relevant competent authority.

We have in-depth knowledge of Canada's immigration requirements and regularly help clients who are not familiar with certain aspects of their application, such as criminal convictions, prior Canada visa issues or last-minute travel plans.

All customer data is stored securely, and we use the highest level of security for any online payment.

Obtain a Visa for Canada

In order to obtain a visa for Canada, it is necessary to apply to the Embassy and specialized services. Certain categories of persons may apply for permanent residence: self-employed workers, members of the Business Start-up Visa Program, members of the Skilled Worker Program selected by Québec, members of the Provincial Nominee Program, and than those who want a sponsorship from a family member.

Other persons in certain categories may obtain a Visa for Canada of temporary residence: visitors, students and temporary workers, or permanent residents seeking a travel document. This request is simpler to obtain.

In order to obtain your Visa for Canada, you can respond to an online form available on our site. If you have any question, you can reach us by phone or email. However, the form greatly facilitates the necessary steps and saves you a lot of time.

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