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Canada has a wealth of geographic and cultural wealth that attracts thousands of visitors each year from around the world. In order to visit Canada, the Embassy of London accompanies you during your various administrative procedures. In order for your trip to Canada to run smoothly, contact us. We provide you with the various legal documents essential to your trip.

Documents needed to visit Canada

In order to visit Canada, it is necessary for you to obtain a number of legal documents. Our services are at your disposal to inform you effectively about all the arrangements to be made.

For all vacationers wishing to travel to Canada or making a stopover, it is necessary to obtain a visa or an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). You can answer a few questions online to determine the type of authorization you need. Your steps are then simplified and obtaining your documents is faster.

Before you travel, check if you qualify and apply for a visa that allows you to stay in Canada for up to two years. These visas are allowed only under certain conditions.

For students or future workers wishing to extend their stay in Canada, you must apply to the Canadian Embassy in the UK. Send your request 30 days before the expiry of your temporary status. It is important for you to have a legal status to work or study in Canada. You can also apply to become a permanent resident.

Visiting Canada requires a few precautions. We present to you the various information concerning the border control of the visitors in order to avoid you many inconveniences at the entrance of the Canadian territory.

Visit Canada: A country full of riches

Visiting Canada is an incredible and unforgettable experience. Explore the riches of this great country by reconnecting with nature through Canada's famous national parks and the many unmissable geographical locations. We also invite you to visit the various museums and play galleries designed for the whole family. Join our cultural events, celebrations and national commemorations to discover the historical events that have shaped Canada's history. Canada's maritime and land riches will continue to surprise visitors such as the CN Tower, the beautiful lakes, the Butchart Garden, whale watching, sublime waterfalls and more.

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