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What is the electronic travel authorisation system?

The eTA is an automatic system used to determine the eligibility of visitors to Canadian territory under the new regulations. It requires the same information as that provided on the paper version of the entry form to Canada.

Why is an eTA Travel Authorisation required for travellers to Canada?

Who must apply for an electronic travel authorisation?

What information does the traveller need to complete the travel authorisation form?

What are the deadlines for submitting an application for a travel authorisation?

What are the time limits for obtaining travel authorisation?

What are the possible answers that I am likely to receive?

Should approved travellers bring a printed version of their eTA authorisation to the airport?

What is the validity period of my travel authorisation?

Will it be necessary to re-apply for a travel authorisation through the eTA?

If my trip to Canada is approved through the eTA, does that mean that I will definitely be allowed to enter Canada?

I forgot my eTA application number. How can I log in to the system again to update my information or check the status of my request?

What should I do if my travel authorisation is refused?

I have a current and valid visa. Do I also need to apply for an eTA Travel Authorisation for Canada?

I am applying now!

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