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Working in Canada is an opportunity for some to see their skills grow and to discover new horizons. However, in recent years, a new immigration policy has tightened access for foreigners to the workers' program. As a result, work visa applications in Canada are becoming more complex.

Depending on your nationality, where you will be working, you will have to contact the competent institution. For example, if you are English, you will go to the Canadian visa office in the UK, if you intend to work in Quebec, you will have to go to the Quebec immigration services.

What do you need to get a work visa in Canada?

The list of documents required for the Canadian work visa application file is not exhaustive. It depends on a number of factors, such as the nature of the application, the area of work activity for which you are applying, or the title and rank of the position you are going to have.

Nevertheless, in general, you will probably need to provide documents justifying that you have actually found a job in Canada. It can be a letter of employment, a contract of employment, or a promise of employment.

In addition, your future employer must provide the embassy entrusted with delivering your work visa in Canada with a labor market impact assessment. This authorization is to certify that the Canadian employer has taken the necessary steps, before hiring you, to favor a Canadian worker in the same position. Because in Canada, a law governs the workplace and gives priority to Canadian citizens for any position.

Note that to obtain a work visa for Canada, you must pay fees at the embassy. The price of these varies according to the type of request.

Once you have gathered all the appropriate documents, all you have to do is send it to the Canadian Visa Office or the Visa Application Center.

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